Friday, July 24, 2009

We feel like we have had more visitors since we moved to Utah then ever before. I guess all people eventually come to Utah to visit someone. We are loving this. We have some dear friends from Fresno, CA that we haven't seen in over 6 years. They come to Utah each summer to visit their family. How wonderful it was to see them...the Andersons! We used to have a standing date for our families to get together and play games like Pass, Mah-jong, Uno, basically a little bit of everything. So, we played Mah-jong for old times sake until really'm embarrassed to say that I could hardly keep my eyes open at 11:30pm. Man, you know you are getting old when...11:30pm is considered really late:) It was well worth it.

We also went to the Heber Farmers Market they hold every Thursday. It was really a neat place. We saw friends and had snow cones, free concert and jump houses. Aside from the near huge fight between a couple of men (that were taken away in hand-cuffs) near the playground and a man with a mohawk with a large snake around his neck and CJ disappearing for a while, it was a nice family afternoon.

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  1. So classic... handcuffs...lost child... sounds like a perfect day out.