Friday, July 10, 2009

Here we are in Heber City, Utah. We moved in Dec. 23, 2008 . We are loving this valley. It's mountains are all around us and gorgeous scenery. We now have a horse, 12 chickens, 2 guinea pigs and 1 dog.

We just had a Warthen family reunion here a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful time. Having family around is really the best feeling in the world. Having the famiy here made us feel like being better people and remembering the most important things in life. Barbara McKnight (the best mother-in-law in the world and her sister Connie Oberly put it all together. What a wonderful job they did! I especially loved how the kids got along so well. The only downfall of the reunion was Brayden's accident, where he slipped on the motorcycle and the foot brake scraped up his leg and dug in to the bone. He received a blessing and we went to the clinic. He had 28 stitches. 16 stitches inside and 12 stitches on the outside. He is doing well and actually was able to go to scout camp. He just wasn't able to do the water sports due to his stitches. He put pictures of his injury on his facebook account. It is hardly stomachable. No mother should have to see their child injured like that. But all is well and stitches come out tomorrow.

Jason just got hired on with AFLAC and is really excited to begin training. Out of 20 people they only hired 2. It's great for the self-esteem when they start raving at how amazing you are in the interview. We have been fasting and praying for this and feel very blessed.

Chandler and Casey Pearce and their kids came and visited us. We went to Kamas water park and also watched the kids ride Tee-boss (our horse) and ride the little motorcycle the Pearces brought. It was great having them here. Awesome family!!!

We also have been visited by our best friends from Vancouver, WA. The Mikkelsons came and we finally got to meet the most recent addition to their family. Beautiful baby girl #4!!! It was so great seeing them again and realizing how much we miss our friends in Vancouver. The bad thing about moving is that you don't get to take your favorite people with you and you add on another 100 people to your Christmas card list from your ward. Oh, least we have lots of people we love!


  1. Hey Candee! I'm actually a better blogger than facebooker so I'm glad to see you on here!! Miss you!

  2. It is so good to see you on here. I too am also a better blogger so you're already added to our list. It'll be fun keeping up with you family of all boys! It'll be a change of pace for our famiy of all girls!

  3. Me too!!! Check me out at

    Hugs...and how dang cute are your boys!!!

  4. Candee, we are very excited to hear you entered the blogging world. we look forward to being able to keep up a little better with your family.

  5. We're excited you started a blog. We always love finding new blogs we like to visit.