Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good News!

My good news for the day is that Brayden found my phone in the car. So I guess Chad really did flush the toy phone down the toilet. I feel much better about that!

My count of books read for the year is now 46. I'm currently reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. My goal for the year was 50, but I'm glad to see I will surpass that and I can raise my goal to 75. I read "Sarah, women of Genesis" by Orson Scott Card. I really love these books. It gives us a great interest and insight to the women of the Bible and what their lives may have been like. It is in novel form, but whatever it is, it does give an insight to these amazing women. I highly recommend them. Another great book is "Black Like Me" by John Howard Griffin. Very small but very enlightening. It is about a man who colors his skin from white to black and goes to the southern states during the 1960's to really see what it is like to be black in that day. It was a true eye opener! Even though I am obviously not racist, it does help you realize that regardless of skin color outward appearance we all decide what we think this person is like or at least make an educated guess. I always try not to judge people, and this book helps me want to try even harder. I was amazed at how he was treated from one day of being white and the next black, by the same people. First, respect and friendly and the next with contempt and disgust. He changed nothing about the way he talked or dressed or even his name...just his skin color. Read it. And tell me what you think.