Saturday, July 25, 2009

The boys found a wonderful skate park where 2 days a week it is only for bikes. It is now their favorite hot spot. Everyday they ask if I'll take them there. Amazingly they are willing to bungee-cord their bikes on top of the suburban. They are getting pretty good!

Oops! Riker didn't quite make it up the ramp and fell over. He came up with smiles though.

Tyler just caught some air and had landed quite nicely. I could never quite get the camara to catch him in the air...always after he'd landed...dangit!

At least while I wait for them I've got beautiful scenery around me!

Ready for some serious boy play!

CJ loves this place so much that he has decided to have his birthday party here next week! That makes it easy for mom. All they will want to do is ride their bikes and do tricks. Brayden is enjoying himself even though he should take it easy on his leg.

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