Monday, May 23, 2011

It sure has been a while...

Man, it is amazing how some things go on hold when your world falls apart. When things go bad or difficult I find I pull myself into my own world and close the rest of the world out. This had been the hardest two years of my life! And it isn't the sort of things you can just blurt out in casual conversations. Family, marriage, jobs, money...etc. The Lord must really want me back by asking me to endure and go through these things so that I may prove that I really want to live with Him again. I pray everyday that I can manage it. I've been working so much during the past 10 months that it has left little or no time to myself. But, fortunately I was fired from Ruby Tuesday. I say fortunately because my kids really needed me back home and I feel very blessed to not have to work there anymore. My mom told me that the Lord made the decision for me because I would never quit when I knew my family had a financial need. True. My work here is needed more and I love being home and getting things back in order. I forgot how to be a housewife and am re-learning, thanks to
I am now working for Michael McLean. Yes, THE Michael McLean. Dream come true, I only wish it had to do with music. Beggars can't be choosers right? I am putting all their negative, photos, documents on the computer. This includes Lynne's Father's slides as well. They are such wonderful people. I have had the wonderful benefit of becoming friends with their daughter, Meggan. I just love her to pieces! We have fun talking, beading and letting our kids play together. I also get to see a small percentage of the thank you notes they have received due to Michael's impact his music has had on people. What a blessing.
Jason is also about to get a job working for the Hyatt, next to the Canyons, in Park City...(I hope I haven't jinxed it by saying that) It will bring us out of the poverty level and hopefully on a normal schedule again. Having Jason work the night shift has been hard on us. It will be nice to sleep at the same time once again.
Brayden has also finished his eagle project!!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment. He built a replica of an outhouse for the Provo Pioneer Village. I hope to get some pictures on soon. We are so proud of him.
Logan is back in baseball and loving it as well. CJ and Riker both just ran their first race, a 1.2 mile race. Riker came in 5th in his race and CJ came in 7th in his. Jason stayed up to race with them and cheer them on. It was like 4 in the morning to him. A walking zombie but a great dad!
That is a quick mini update on our family, sorry it has taken so long, but I hope to be more regular with this again and have some pictures to share. Love to you all!