Sunday, July 12, 2009

After we moved to Utah Tyler, Brayden, Logan and C.J. were casted in a movie that was directed by a BYU student. It was her final project. It is called "Some Opposites of Good". It will be shown on the BYU channel. We don't know when yet but we are excited about it. It was even a paying job. This other boy next to Tyler was the other lead. Tyler had the lead. It was so great seeing him act and develop a love for film.

We loved being behind the scenes of a movie and seeing how the whole thing worked. Hearing them say "Quiet on set" and "Action" was so cool!

Here is Logan kicking a rock around like kids back in that era just like our kids play soccer nowadays. All the boys were in this scene.

The boys are receiving instruction on the filming of the next scene. C.J. is the typical 7 year old having a hard time paying attention to direction.

On the right we see Brayden walking up. He has to come face to face with the mean teacher who is bullying a kid and Brayden tells him to pick on someone his own size.

All the filming was at the LDS motion picture studio.

Please ignore the dates on the pictures. The camara was off by 3 1/2 years. It was filmed in the fall of 2008.

Lunch Break!!!


  1. You're random memories are fun!

  2. That is really neat. I hadn't heard that your boys did that. You'll have to let us know when we can see the movie.