Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday C.J.

It says HB 8 CJ...translation Happy Birthday 8th C.J. He wanted a cake with skittles on it. good!

CJ decided to have his birthday party at the skate park. All his friends brought bikes and I just sat back and let them entertain themselves. Thanks CJ for making it easy on Mom.

CJ loves Bakugan. I don't get it, but it is the "cool" thing to play with for little boys.

Tyler and Chad being spectators of all the biker boys. Chad had fun sliding down the ramps.

CJ and his new bike...a perfect place to try it out! Too bad both tires were popped and we had to transfer his two tires from his old bike to this one so he wouldn't miss out on the fun at his own party. Lame. We'll take it back and trade for a better one later.

It was a great success! Thanks to Brayden, Logan, and Tyler for being bully look outs (because it was a public park) and making sure everyone got turns and played fair. I love having older boys. Happy Birthday CJ!!!

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