Sunday, August 14, 2011

We are Here!

Well, we have been here for almost 2 weeks now and we are loving it. I love living in a small house, I feel that I can reach out my hand and smack anyone getting out of line! It's a good feeling having more control like that, ha ha. We have unpacked a lot but not all...there isn't enough room for everything. I have met a great lady who is my walking partner and a nertz player. They invited us for dinner and found out a lot of similar interests. They have only been here a month.

The boys are doing well, on the day of unpacking CJ spotted some boys riding bikes down the street and they quickly went down there to join in the playing. Now those boys come here to play and jump on the trampoline. Brayden took a little while longer to find friends. High School is just that way, but he found a group of men who get together at 5:30am to play basketball MWF. He has been attending the youth activities and went to a dance last night and was already texting people he met when he got home. He's loving that all the cool kids he met are in our ward. Looks promising.

Jason is loving his job, loves being back where he should be and using the talents and abilities he has for a greater cause. He is in his element. He's already getting compliments from bosses on a job well done. A happy husband is a great thing. And the fact that his work is literally a 1 min drive helps tremendously. He even comes home for lunch periodically. A far cry from the night shifts and never seeing my husband in Heber.

This is a great move for us and I know these people here will be wonderful blessings. I will miss being able to get together for family parties and celebrations, it was great while it lasted.