Sunday, July 12, 2009

We came out to Utah with a cast from "With Mine Own Hand" a musical account of Nephi. We performed it in Portland and then went to Provo to perform it at Education Week at BYU. It was the first musical performed at Education Week that was brought in from outside of Utah. Jason was casted at Sam. It was a beautiful musical written by Ramona Zabriskie. It was 15 years in the making. It was a spiritual experience being a part of this production and will always be a blessed memory for our family. Tyler, Logan and C.J. were also casted in the play and they loved it. We recently lost one of our family members. Gabe was one of the male dancers and only 18 years old and was in a car accident a couple weeks ago. We were so heart sick and send our love and prayers to our extended Nephi family. We will always remember you Gabe for you loving smile and amazing talent. We hope more of you will be able to see this production performed somewhere. The songs are so amazing and spirit stirring. Here are a few pictures below of SOME of our favorite people. I wish we had more pictures.

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