Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jason will be doing a shuttling service Friday and Saturday nights. I hope this works out for him and helps bring in the extra money needed. I'm just glad he has agreed to stick with Hotel Park City too so he can keep his foot in the door and hopefully get promoted. I just got our ward's 2010 Book Club list done and I am really excited for it. It was hard to keep it to just 1o books. We skipped January because of my procrastination and December we have a dinner. Let me know if you've read any of these. I've only read The Hunger Games (loved it!) Anyways, here is the list:

1) The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
2) The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiavernini
3) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
4) Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks
5) Sarah: Women of Genesis by Orson Scott Card
6) Grace Works by Robert L. Millet
7) An Experiment in Criticism by C.S. Lewis
8) Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
9) The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan
10) The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Not a bad lineup eh? I always try to get a little bit of everything from easy read, self-help, religious, non-fiction, classic...etc. I've read most of these authors and love their work and trust them. The others I was told by close friends that they were good, so I feel good about this year. I just miss all my book clubbers from Washington and California. Our group here is pretty small. Maybe this year it will get bigger. I plan on reading lots more books but these are the ones that are set for the book club. If you have come across any great books, I'd love to get referrals.
I just finished the second book of the Lightning Thief series. Logan used to HATE reading and by starting to read to him Fablehaven (great book bytheway) he has caught the bug. He only liked it when I read to him...but after the 4 fable haven books, and the first lightning thief book he now reads on his own. He took #2 to school and would read ahead, he would go in my reading chair in the living room and read on his own. I haven't wanted to do a cart wheel and scream YAHOO for a long time. But seeing him do that is such a "Awesome Mom" moment! I got Tyler reading and Logan and now onto CJ. I missed my window with Brayden. He doesn't like reading but he will do it for school and he has enjoyed a few books. So maybe there is still hope.
I'm reading David Copperfield right now and love it. I love how the classics are so proper. Seriously, they can be ripping someone to pieces verbally but they do it so eloquently. So great! Well, I encourage you all to find a few good books to read this year and let me know if they are good or not. If you need a few suggestions let me know! I got lots of great ideas. If you'd like to be on a cyber book club...go to It's a great website with tons of people. It's like Facebook for readers. Great place to keep track of what you've read and what you want to read. It makes you feel smarter as you add on all the books you've read. We all like to feel smart once in a while:)
Peace, love and joy in January and GET A LIBRARY CARD:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Movies, movies, movies

Thursday night I was called back for the BYU movie tryouts. I was the only one doing auditions for my role. I was happy to find out that I have been casted as the main character. The movie is a film student's project. It is called "Jackie O". It is about a parole officer who thinks the system isn't tough enough on the criminals. She thinks the worst about everyone and is mean and a real downer. She gets one latin patrolee and through him and her boss she learns that people can change regardless of mistakes they have made. I've always wanted to be in a movie and I get paid for it too. The director Jordan Harker is a great guy, very nice. Jason and I also have been hired by a shuttle service in Park City, so we can both be earning a little extra hopefully in tips. We hope that starts next week if we pass our taxi driver's test. We also have to be background checks by the airport. Let's hope we can pull ourselves out of the hole we got into in 2009. I think this will be a good year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Applying for jobs

I haven't been in the "real" work place since I was about to give birth to Brayden 15 years ago. I have been applying to jobs all over the place. Mainly clerical work. I just had an interview at the Silver King Park City Resort to be a scheduler/reservationist. I felt the interview went well, but he showed me the work area. Understand that this resort is amazing and beautiful and makes you cozy and you want to move in immediately. Then he opens the door to the cubicle area and there are no windows and you feel like you've walked into a white trash trailer. (Pardon the expression) I'm not sure if I could handle being in that place for too long. We desperately need the money so I don't have much choice. I am also applying at restaurants to be a server. Jason is speaking with a man who has a shuttle service in Park City. If he accepts women, I would rather do that. I'd get to be in the sunshine, talk to real people and get tips$. I never wanted to leave the home to work but necessity has taken our circumstances over. Anyways, life is always changing and bringing on challenges...Bring it ON! Our family can handle it. It is a new year and I want to be stronger and better. I just hope my kids can handle only seeing one parent at a time. *SIGH*