Friday, October 9, 2009

A little better...

Man oh man, it has been a horrible week. I don't remember feeling that sick in a long time. It is possible it was the swine flu, but all I know is it wasn't a regular cold. It was for sure some form of the flu. My friend had the swine flu a couple months ago and she and her family had it. She said it attacks whatever part of you is the weakest. My head must be my weakest part since I've been dizzy for a week and feeling like the world was spinning and not letting me get my footing. So, I've missed 2 practices and knowing that we open in 4 weeks is not good. At least I'm sick now and not later...knock on wood... Jason, Brayden, Chad and Riker and myself have all been sick. Logan woke up sick and miserable this morning. Hopefully C.J and Tyler have dodged the flu bullet. Logan and I just received a blessing today. I'm not all better but the heaviness in my head isn't as heavy as it has been. So, it looks like I'm going to make it. For a while there it was ify.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New business

Well, I've decided to go gung ho with this new business thing. I hope I can pull this off. Along with this new group...the best mini mall, I started my own business blog. My business name is one I've always wanted to's called The Candee Shoppe. Cute huh? My blog is I haven't got pictures up yet. my friend will have to help me with the pictures like he did with our family. We have our boutique with the mall November 19-21 in 3 different locations. One will be in Heber, one in Salt Lake and I'm not sure where the other one will be. I'll let you all know later. I'm getting excited though. I've done the craft business before but I've never had a website before or been connected with other successful women like this. I am really looking forward to this.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jewelry show

Well, last night went well. We didn't have very many people stop by, but the people that did come bought quite a bit. I made $233. I have to make a lot more to cover all the supplies a bought. But I feel it was a success. Plus, one woman wants to have a party at her house in 3 weeks. So, I am excited. It's nice to see people enjoy what I made.
Jason and Brayden are sick and feeling lousy. Brayden has been home for 4 days now and can't quite shake the cold. He did do a dumb know teenagers...(and some adults:) once he started to feel better yesterday he went out and played football with his brothers and is now worse than he was before. I'm guilty of the same thing. When I'm sick and feel a small amount of energy come back I do some chores and kick myself back to feeling lousy again. Lame I know. I also have joined a group of women who all have their own business. It's called the best mini mall. Everything from MaryKay to ties to purses to books to of course We are having a boutique in SLC and Heber this November. I'm hoping that will do well too. They've been doing it for a few years there must be something to it:)
Annie get Your Gun is going well and the directors are happy with my performances which is great for the self-esteem. I love having this outlet. You all know how much I love to sing and be the center of attention at times, so this is keeping me happy and mentally healthy. Something I always need. The best mini mall has a website. I'm not on it yet but will be's So if you want to check it out feel free. Oh, great...I can hear Chad coughing the same way Brayden has been. Add one more to the list of the sickies. Health and Happiness to All!!! And WASH YOUR HANDS!