Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Opening Night tomorrow!

You can only guess how I am feeling right now! Opening night is tomorrow and our first run through tonight sucked big time...costumes were a big problem and trying to get used to the lighting and trying to find people to help me change clothes was a pill. But at least all the mistakes happened tonight and hopefully they will be all better by tomorrow. I just need to remember that this is all fun and not stressful...right! They had me go in and have acrylic nails put on. I've never done that before. Weird. All I know is that I need a massage to relax and calm down and smile. Oh, Jason made an appointment with a company for tomorrow. If it goes well it has potential of making some good money. It would be so nice to get a paycheck again...I've almost forgot what it feels like to get one. Good luck honey! Hope to see lots of you at the play and I ask forgiveness in advance for any lame mistakes I make. I pray for forgiving audiences!

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