Saturday, November 7, 2009

Opening Night a success!

Wow! It's amazing how the energy from the audience can enhance your performing ability. It was so great only messing up once! The second night didn't feel as electric but the audience was still great! I'm excited for tonight because our best friends are coming! I was late getting on stage once last night because my duck call got caught in my wig coming off and tangled around my neck. By the last scene I've got two wigs on and I feel like I can't lean over to far in either direction or I will fall over. But the play is great and the whole cast is so amazing. I love all these people!
Also, good news for Brayden and Tyler...their director from their last movie called and wants them to do another one over Thanksgiving break. We are so excited for this. Becca Thomas is such a great director and a sweetheart too! What a great opportunity for the boys! It's a movie about 2 brothers escaping from a polygamist compound. Too cool!


  1. Wow! So that's why Tyler couldn't do the show anymore. That's so awesome that they could be in a movie! Congrats to them and you guys! And great job in Saturday's show, by the way. Hopefully this week we will do as good as opening night!

  2. We were hoping to come - but too many kids sick and other comlications - one of these days we'll get there for one of your performances! Hope to see you all soon!