Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Applying for jobs

I haven't been in the "real" work place since I was about to give birth to Brayden 15 years ago. I have been applying to jobs all over the place. Mainly clerical work. I just had an interview at the Silver King Park City Resort to be a scheduler/reservationist. I felt the interview went well, but he showed me the work area. Understand that this resort is amazing and beautiful and makes you cozy and you want to move in immediately. Then he opens the door to the cubicle area and there are no windows and you feel like you've walked into a white trash trailer. (Pardon the expression) I'm not sure if I could handle being in that place for too long. We desperately need the money so I don't have much choice. I am also applying at restaurants to be a server. Jason is speaking with a man who has a shuttle service in Park City. If he accepts women, I would rather do that. I'd get to be in the sunshine, talk to real people and get tips$. I never wanted to leave the home to work but necessity has taken our circumstances over. Anyways, life is always changing and bringing on challenges...Bring it ON! Our family can handle it. It is a new year and I want to be stronger and better. I just hope my kids can handle only seeing one parent at a time. *SIGH*

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  1. Did you know my dad helped build the silver king hotel? I would agree though, dark grungy rooms would make it hard to keep your spirits up.