Thursday, September 3, 2009

I picked a box full of peaches this morning from our peach trees. Riker and Chad helped me peel them and we blended them up and put them in the fruit dryer for some homemade fruit roll-ups. I'm going to make peach jam too and some kind of peach dessert for CJ's baptism this Saturday. He just got his new suit and is very excited for it. It will be close on Saturday because Jason, Tyler and I will be in a Parade Saturday morning in Midway to advertise for the show and then run and get ready for the baptism.
We still haven't heard back from Jason's "job" but he just left to go to LDS motion picture studio to audition for a New Testament project to be filmed next year. He is auditioning to be one of Christ's apostles. Good Luck Jason!
Brayden's football games will sometimes be at 4pm and so I'll be able to make some of them...yea!

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  1. I'm so jealous about the peaches. I bought a few at the store last night and they are already almost gone. The fruit leather sounds delicious.